COVID-19: Edo urges vaccination, compliance with preventive protocols amid rising infections, deaths

By Nnamdi Okosieme


Worried by the rise in COVID-19 infections and deaths in Edo State, the state government has urged residents to complement the government’s efforts at containing the pandemic by coming out to get vaccinated against the deadly virus.

The state’s COVID-19 Incident Manager, Dr. Andrew Obi gave the charge while addressing journalists in Benin City at the weekend.

Obi, who decried the rise in the number of infections and deaths in the state, stressed the need for all citizens to continue to comply with preventive protocols against the spread of the virus in order to remain healthy and protected against the deadly virus.

He said it was imperative for all residents to be vaccinated to stay alive and healthy, as more unvaccinated persons continue to die from the virus.

He restated that all persons who have died from the virus in the third wave of the pandemic in the state were unvaccinated, while over 96 percent of confirmed cases are those who were never vaccinated.

“While the government intensifies efforts to contain the pandemic and ensure the safety of Edo citizens, we charge everyone who has been administered with the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, to come out for the second dose in order to get full protection against the virus, while others who have not been vaccinated are encouraged to come out and get the vaccination, as the vaccines are safe, free and effective”, he said.

He said citizens must continue to comply with all basic preventive measures including frequent hand washing with soap under running water, avoiding close contacts and ensuring regular use of face masks.



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